The treatment of the eyebrows can be called Microblading. An esthetician usually performs this form of treatment and adds color pigments that further look like real hairs. If the hair of the brows gets defected by natural or by the accidental process then this form of treatment can help to get the perfect set of brows within hours. 

An eyebrow is an important feature of the whole face as it has the ability to change the whole look. People with a problematic eyebrow can feel obsessed and less confident and sometimes thus uses make-ups and touch-ups to get a recovery from the same but is not the solution to it. Moreover, Microblading is said to offer a natural-looking, defined set of brows to individuals.

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Everything you should know about Microblading

What is Microblading

The culture of creating and architecting the eyebrows in the best manner is known as Microblading. This process is performed to meet the best shape for an individual face. The whole procedure of Microblading is very simple and unambiguous due to the tool used. The tool used to perform this process is moreover similar to that of a pen containing a sloped blade inside the nib of the pen. Furthermore, the blade contains 10-12 small needles at the end, which does not penetrate the skin rather gently scratches the surface giving it a nice shape as required. 

The featherweight stokes are performed with the needle very precisely with the help of a medical grade pigment on the epidermis layer for the skin. Moreover, the process provides neat, fine, realistic, and natural-looking strokes of hair.

The process involved in Microblading is not a complex thing at all and can be easily understood. The technicians or an expert with the help of this process utilizes the extreme small blades to create the small, hair-like incisions right above the corium layer of the skin. Furthermore, in this process of slashing the pigment directly sets in the skin. However, this result of eye-brows naturally gets faded with due course of time and can also demand touch-ups. 

To provide the sought-after look to the clients, the technicians further puncture and penetrate your skin manually with the help of the pigmented color, which goes hand in hand with the natural brow tone. This provides a fuller, brighter, well-groomed set of brows accordingly.

Microblading is a similar form of tattoo and can also be recognized as semi-permanent tattooing. However, the pigment used to create the brows is different from the pigment used to create tattoos. The particles of the dye are also somewhat less concentrated to eventually create a more realistic look of your eyebrows.  

The most attractive thing about this treatment that attracts most people is that the good Microblading specialist can form the emergence of a fuller eyebrow at any skin tone along with any shade range. Several people lose their eyebrows with the presence of alopecia and the fun fact of this is that Microblading can further treat this condition as well. 

This is the most effective form of creating fake eyebrows that no one can even understand and provides a nice look to human beings. This is also not much expensive and can be performed rather than staying without any eyebrows. Moreover, due to several reasons, most people are performing this process of creating colored eyebrows.

A person can consider Microblading due to the several benefits it offers to a person. This process can however allow you to provide a goodbye kiss to your razors, creams, and your close-to-heart pairs of tweezers. 

The following list depicts the benefits that are provided by the Microblading:

1. Fills the gap between the brows

The gaps present in the eyebrows look annoying and that area will never grow the hair back creating a d-shape to the eyebrows. Sometimes, you can see the presence of the gap may be formed due to medical conditions or due to the presence o chronic conditions. However, sometimes the gap can be formed naturally showing extreme bad luck. 

But a person can positively deal with their bad lucks and can create a fuller set of brows with the help of the Microblading process. It provides a natural and seamless finish to the eyebrows.

2. Rectifies over-plucked brows

Plucking of eyebrow hair is the most common and bad habit of almost every woman. This further can be satisfying but can provide an excessive thinner set of brows that might look weird without any kind of touch-up. Thin brows can be unflattering and can lack the presence of drama. Extreme plucking can also stop the re-growth of the brows. 

To cure this, a person can think of considering Microblading and can enjoy a fuller and darker set of brows and can also get back the drama accordingly.

3. Provides Long-Lasting Results

The processes provide genuine results and are also very durable. It is obvious that if you had to visit a parlor once a week then there is no point in performing this. You do not have to take additional care and treatment after performing this process. No matter if you rub, wash your eyebrows, perform gym, or anything else, the stains and pigments will not leave the space.

4. No Recovery Time is needed

Unlike surgical treatments, Microblading does not require any kind of treatment recovery. As soon as your treatment is over, you can enjoy your new set of eyebrows fully in its actual place. You can do whatever you want to do and can go back to normal life again. 

However, sometimes you can face a little redness around the eyebrows but that is normal.  You can however expect your eyebrows to heal totally after thirty days. This process is highly safe and sound and also the pigments used to fill the brows can hold the color for a longer period. Furthermore, the color does fade but is a slow process of time.

5. Provides the Desired Shape

Yes, the floppy brows are in trending right now. In the process of Microblading, a person can choose the shape and size of the brows, which means that you can decide how much fuller brows you want or are dreaming of. In addition, you can choose the shape of the brows that you have always wanted. 

No matter whom you follow as your style icon, you can simply get the brows of your icon and can follow up the look every day.

6. Saves a lot of Time

With this process, you get a well-maintained set of brows. You do not have to spend your time curing; styling the brows and thus you can enjoy the final benefit, which further includes the saving of your precious time. In addition, you do not have to perform the threading, waxing, and can also save your time there.

The technique of creating eyebrows can be dated back to thousands of years and now it has emerged in Asia in a vast form in the last 25 years. This process is far different from the standard form of eyebrow tattooing. Thus, the techniques used in the process of Microblading are also not similar and the artist performing the same also requires different forms of training. 

A person can appoint their required form of an artist after discussing their desired looks and needs with them. The whole measuring and placement of the brow is a multi-step process that first starts by understanding the center of the face and eyes’ set. Furthermore, they determine the arch, endpoints and also check the close-set, or wide-set, and normalcy of the eyes. 

In the beginning, the artist will sketch out the brows to give an idea of what the brows will look like after the process. Another process can be formed that includes the manual smooth shading, which is done between the hair strokes to give a nice dimension to it without countering the eyebrows. 

In Europe, this process is among the well-known process and several new techniques including 1D, 2D, 3D, and 6D are also emerging there.

Microblading is however a cosmetic procedure and unlike other forms of cosmetic procedures like permanent makeup, tattooing has some risk factors consisted to it. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) however does not allow pigments used in any form of cosmetic procedure as it contains additives substances.

A person should thus follow the following steps before performing the process:

1. Research

Before undergoing the Microblading procedure, performing good research is crucial. Research helps to know about the esthetician, who will further indulge in performing the process. 

The regulations related to this process can differ from one to another, therefore who is thinking to undergo this should check the legalization certificates and should also witness the credentials as a method of precautions. There are several high-quality spas and salons that over a Microblading treatment, but an individual should check the accreditation from either the American Association of Micro-pigmentation or the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP).

2. Allergic Reactions

It is common to see some allergic reactions on the epidermis of the skin as many times estheticians might use non-organic color pigments. To avoid such a person should further ask about the pigments they will use and how they will confirm allergies.

3. Infections

In this process of Microblading, the skin gets through a break though and thus there are high chances for transmission of infectious diseases including HIV and other bacterial skin infections. Some other leading infectious risks might also cause the use of an unsterile tool and other types of equipment. So an individual should check this factor as well.

4. Semi-Permanent

If the whole process is done with utmost care then it can be daunting to remove the pigments. To ensure a genuine procedure a person should evaluate the esthetician including the area from where the person is conducting the process.

The semi-permanent tattooing of the eyebrows to provide an illusion of a fuller growth of hair can also be termed as Microblading. In this process, the person or esthetician who will perform the treatment will first talk to the clients to know about their desired shapes for their face and then decides a color that matches the skin undertone and natural hair tone as well. The eyebrow area is further cleaned and numbed for the treatment and then with a help of a pen-like machine hair stokes are provided. Lastly, an ointment will be provided in the area to secure a faster healing process.

Risks Factors

There are some side effects that may occur after performing this form of the treatment procedure. However, if a person performs the same from the reputed artists then the risks factors might decrease. 

A common misconception, which almost every individual thinks is that every artist who performs the Microblading process is of the same criteria. However, it is concluded that to receive a certificate that ensures the authenticity of a person can be achieved within just two days course that might not be enough for a person to know about everything. Thus it is recommended to go through all the reviews and images of before and after. 

Furthermore, according to research, it is concluded that the possible amounts of problems among individuals are quite uncommon when the entire primitive and post-care treatments are followed including the sterilization and disinfection of the equipment. A person thus can minimize the rate of risk factors by educating themselves about this form of treatment.

The overall procedure of getting a new set of attractive eyebrows can last for up to 1-2 hours and during the treatment, no one is allowed in the room. The preparation of undergoing this form of treatment can be further discussed below to provide you the utmost knowledge about the preparation:

  • A person cannot perform any kind of Botox treatments 3 weeks prior or 4 weeks after undergoing this form of cosmetic procedure.
  • Normally brows will peel quicker due to chemicals traveling under the skin but a person should not take away the chemical peels 60 days before or after the procedure.
  • No creams or serums containing acids including Retinols/Retin-A or other anti-aging/acne creams should be used as it can further fade the pigments of the colors and can make your brow look faded.
  • A person should also notice that the area does not get soaked by water or sweat after performing the procedure or after 2 weeks.
  • On the day of performing the procedure, tanning and sun burning are also not allowed.
  • Waxing is not allowed at least before three days of performing the treatment.
  • Consumption of aspirin, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil, CoQ10, and ibuprofen are not allowed before 48 hours of performing the procedure.
  • No alcohol or caffeine consumption is allowed before 24 hours of undergoing the procedure.

After performing the Microblading a person can notice that the hair strokes that will be provided by the esthetician will fade away soon within 4 mounts,  and what will remain back might further look like a piece of a block of color which can be weird in real terms as well. This can only further happen if the esthetician changes the shape of the brow by shaving and lifting the arch. Furthermore, it is commonly seen after performing this treatment includes the hair growth in its direction after a few months by just highlighting the fact of undergoing the treatment. 

There are situations where a person will not face such things if the shapes of the brows are not changed and only the darkening of the brows is held. So, it is quite common to witness these things if you perform the process of Microblading from a person without consulting everything. To avoid such situations a person should first consult everything about the shape and size and should also clearly depict what is needed by the person.

This has become a topic in the last few years, as it also allows people to think that it is different from eyebrow tattooing. It however a semi-permanent form of eyebrow tattooing where there are huge differences in terms of pigmentation, coloring, a technique applied, protocol, permanency, and many more.

Microblading feels different and hurtles compared to traditional tattoos because an anesthetic cream is first applied to the area before undergoing the procedure. However, a tint feel of bruised and tender might be noticed for about a day after undergoing the process. It takes 10- 14 days to completely heal.

Unlike other cosmetic treatments, this also contains some risks factors that might include infections, allergic reactions, Granulomas, Sarcoidosis, Keloids, MRI problems, ETC. However, there is nothing to worry about as with proper medications and care a person can avoid such things.

According to research, the cost of Microblading can commonly range from $700 and $800 per treatment. It is, however, quite affordable as it provides a lot of features to it.

An eyebrow plays a sore spot in maintaining the beauty routine. However, some people love to play with their beauty spots and some become concerned as well. Yes, of course, there are both pros and cons related to the Microblading procedure. The Pros and Cons are further listed below by which you can get a clearer idea:


  • Saves your morning time

You can save the lot of time that you always need while getting ready. Some brows do not need any additional product but if you fill it in then you can only enjoy the good laid out the shape of your brows. Sometimes, you might have to prepare yourself with a geometry box to fill the box even in a hurry situation. Well, that can be daunting and to save yourself from that you can paint your face.

  • Frames your face all around the clock

You do not have to worry about the makeup and do not have to provide a continuous touch-up as well. However, you can enjoy the quality time by providing that valuable time retouching your brows. The process also provides a fresh, awaked face and can also sometimes turn you to younger.

  • It is Affordable

With the due course of time, several places have already come up with the advancement of this process. Thus due to the huge availability, the service costs get affordable and allow everyone to consider this process.

  • The color Fades

You do not have to worry about the color at the beginning it might look a little bit dark but after six months it starts to fade and provides a more natural tone to your brows. Furthermore, though the color gets faded the shape remains the same which also helps individuals to guide make-ups to them.


  • No room for user error

Once you performed this procedure, there are a few things that you need to maintain to get proper healing. At least for the first four weeks thus you have to adhere to the rules or can end up spending more money in fixing the brows. The things include taking care that your brows do not get soaked in water or sweat. Scabbing and shedding are quite normal, but you should not pick the areas with your hand and allow normal shedding.

  • Not all techniques are equally created

You should not trust every individual as there are a lot of people who call them experts but in reality, they are not and post pictures from different sites. Therefore you should ask your technicians to show you the license or something that genuinely reveals what they have learned. If somehow they fail then try to avoid them.

  • You might have to fill the brows

The Microblading needs good and utmost care after performing this. However, somehow if you fail, you can consider performing this process again or naturally fill the brows with the help of brow pencils.

  • It is not fully permanent

This is indeed not a permanent procedure but can remain for a long period. It is also considered a semi-permanent method containing both durability and fading.

The recovery from the Microblading is quite similar to that of performing a tattoo and a person can expect to follow the same aftercare. The recovery process however further includes the following:

On the very first day, a person should clean the area with distilled water with the help of the cotton pads. The cotton pads should be pressed gently and an aftercare cream should be applied after every 4 hours. On the second day, the first-day procedure should be reaped three times. After the next 5 days, these procedures should be performed 2 times including in the morning and in night. 

For the first few weeks or two, your brows might look red and shedding so this time you should not schedule something big and you should also, however, avoid going to the gym, swimming pools, or any other area where you soak the brows in water or sweat. In addition, this can lead to infection in the area.

Microblading can be considered as a whole different form of eyebrow treating compared to that of the Tattooed brows look. It is further defined as a process that provides a more solid look to the eyebrows and sometimes looks like a brow filler in terms of your natural brow. Microblading provides a natural finish to the brows and creates soft hair-like strokes in the brows. 

The processes applied in both conditions are also different and the tattooed brows can be painful in terms of Microblading. However, Microblading can take about 10-14 days to heal by allowing the pigments to form the shape.

Are you planning to reshape and reconstruct your eyebrows and lips, and there are two things that you can consider which include Microblading and Nanoblading. However, both are quite similar and the only difference is that the Nanoblading uses a smaller needle compared to that of the other one. A great amount of accuracy is achieved with the help of this because of the smaller needle and also allows a more natural and softer look. 

A smaller needle can also lead to less pain and bleeding and can also last up to 3 years which is highly durable as well. The Microblading compare to that of this lasts up to 12 mounts. Both the procedure can also be performed for lips as well to provide a fuller lining of the lips, full color of the lips including color-changing of the lips.

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