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Why Does Pimple/Acne Occurs?

Written By Dr. Kiran On March 04, 2022

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Why Does Pimple/Acne Occurs?

Why Does Pimple/Acne Occurs?

Due to the presence of pimples in different areas, it can be found out in which part of the body there is a problem. Pimples mostly come on Nose or Cheek but sometimes they can also come on Chin, Back Area or Shoulders.

  1. If you are getting blackheads or whiteheads on the forehead, then the reason behind this could be due to increased dandruff in the scalp, or if the hormones are increasing in your body then the scalp may be oily, which also causes blackheads and whiteheads. Is. Using too many hair cosmetics can also increase pimples on the forehead.
  2. Pimples on Nose are very common in Teenage. If you are getting more Pimples on Nose, then it may be the reason behind this that the heat in your body is increasing or has increased. Most Pimples in Teenage come on T-Zone(Nose,Cheeks & Forehead), which is due to increase in the amount of oil on the face.
  3. If your diet is not good and you are consuming sugar or high calorie products, then the amount of pimples in your T-Zone will increase. One big reason behind this is that your body is not able to handle sugar metabolism well.
  4. Along with Pimples in the T-Zone, when Redness also comes, it is called Acne Rosecia. It is found in the most sensitive skin types.
  5. Pimple in Chin is most commonly caused by Hormonal Imbalance, which is seen in both Males and Females.
  6. Pimples come on the back and chest area if the consumption of Whey protein or Anabol is high. Due to the high consumption of protein, the amount of hormone increases and oil production starts increasing in the body, due to which pimples start coming in areas like back and chest.
  7. If you are getting pimples and your neck is turning black, then it is a warning sign that your sugar metabolism is not working well.
  8. If there is hair growth (Hirsutism) along with pimples in the chin area in females, then it may mean that you have hormonal problems in the body, due to which there may also be problems like PCOD / PCOS or Thyroid in the future.
  9. When Obesity, Hirsutism and Pimples are also more in females, then you may have HAIR-AN Syndrome. Its insulin does not work well and increasing the amount of IGF in the blood can also cause problems like skin pigmentation, unwanted hair growth and hirsutism.
  10. Pimples can grow more on the whole body if you consume more vitamins.


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